Risk Factors for Sleep-Related Death by Age Category

CharacteristicTotalaAge CategoryaP
0–3 Months4 Months to 364 Days
Number of objects in the sleep environment<.001
One or more dangerous objectsb287933.3189333.498639.0<.001
Position placed to sleep<.001
 On back325839.7216038.0109843.4
 On side104112.782014.42218.7
 On stomach180622.0129922.950720.0
Position infant found<.001
 On back220426.9156727.663725.2
 On side98111.971012.527110.7
 On stomach314438.3207536.6106842.2
Change in position from position placed to position found<.001
 Back/side to back/side267632.6193434.174229.3
 Back/side to stomach125115.278613.846518.4
 Stomach to stomach150118.3108319.141816.5
 Stomach to back/side1571.91011.8562.2
 Either placed or found position unknown262232.0177431.384833.5
Sleep place at time of death<.001
 Crib, bassinet, or playpen225927.5139824.686034.0
 Car seat, stroller, or infant chair2453.01743.1722.8
 Adult bed or person403749.2292951.6110843.8
  • a Frequencies are nonintegers due to averaging over 5 independent imputations during the multiple imputation process; frequencies shown are rounded to the nearest integer.

  • b “Dangerous objects” includes pillows, blankets, bumper pads, stuffed toys, clothing, cords, and bags.