Manifestations and Vital Signs for Enrollment, Results of Rubella-Specific Immunoglobulin Testing, and CRS Classification for Each Case

At EnrollmentManifestations in Category AManifestations in Category BVital Signs at EnrollmentBlood Counts at EnrollmentAt EnrollmentAge 6 to 8 moCRS CategoriesAge of the Last Follow-up, mo
eTiter (COI)/±eTiter (IU/mL)/±eTiter (IU/mL)
18CP He Mc1204010015 70014127+6.17+78.21Confirmed0.9b
20C HP He J1604010013 48014944+136Confirmed14.1
36HP He J140509849 10014215.10.196+65.27Probable14.3
45CP He1404610014 300155138+10.34+51.43Confirmed14.2
55C HP He1205010017 00014228++Probable3.6c
644C HP D Mc140609613 40011423.8+12.75+33.8Confirmed15.5
7a38CP He JNR62NR99407910+4.2+55.06Confirmed0.7c
841HP He Mc120309669309511++++Confirmed3.8c
9d9Me He140606017 2601822210.2+142Suspected0.5c
102C HP DNR40NR11 56013747+++190Confirmed13.5
1132E C HP Mc D14068NR11 10013375.9+26.03+180Confirmed14.5
122HP He D12654965170155118+++63.1Confirmed13.7
13d0P He J120406046 60013913Suspected0.0c
1463C HP He D1304394700086219+++>500Confirmed15.2
1537E C HMc D137629113 600105299+++100.9Confirmed14.4
165C HP D140529816 90019128.8+++16.6Confirmed12.9
173E C HP160NR9615 480167136++Probable2.2c
184HP J120409811 57013956++++Confirmed12.7
1997C HP He Mc D160409415 00098.7193+++148.9Confirmed15.7
205HMe P He J Mc D120619513 10014669.7++++Confirmed12.5
21a10CP He J Mc150708426 10013443.1++Probable2.0c
2279HMe P Mc160648426 50011585.9+++102Confirmed14.1
2329C HMe P He Mc170808210 60012339++Probable1.0c
2462C HP He Mc1405285930015336++++Confirmed4.8c
253E C HP He J D Mc120509310 84021172+15.38+64.83Confirmed12.1
262HP He13661966290174148+++480.1Confirmed12.2
27a2CP He160708429 28017379++Probable0.2c
28a2CP He J Mc140708734 60015611.2++++Confirmed0.3c
29223C HMc D15465929570122400++Confirmed17.9
3026HP J D130509714 20013351.2++3.42Probable11.3
31a119CP He Mc1696986881076.9207++Confirmed3.9c
322HP He130499810 570141130+6.6+78Confirmed14.2
33142C HHe Mc D150688613 040124328++++Confirmed13.9
346C HP D140NR9817 000193115++4.27Probable9.4
35118E C HHe Mc D140529118 500104276+++>500Confirmed12.9
360HP He J D118NR8689504376+28.043.63Probable8.7
37a247CHe Mc160688014 700102300Probable8.2c
3818CMe P J1466686806019769++3.99Probable6.8
  • COI, cutoff index; Hgb, hemoglobin (g/L); HR, heart rate (beats per minute); NR, not recorded; Plt, platelets (×109/L); Pt ID, patient identification number; RR, respiratory rate (per minute); SpO2, pulse oxygen saturation (%); WBC, white blood cells (cells/μL); COI, cutoff index.

  • Manifestations in category A: C, heart disease; H, suspected hearing impairment; E, cataract(s).

  • Manifestations in category B: P, purpura; J, jaundice; He, hepatosplenomegaly; Me, meningoencephalitis; Mc, microcephaly (defined by Fenton and the World Health Organization); D, developmental delay.

  • Age of the last follow-up: age at the time the child was lost to follow-up, died, or on January 17, 2013 if the child survived, confirmed by inviting them to KHGH or by telephone.

  • a AABR not done.

  • b Lost to follow-up.

  • c Died.

  • d AABR and echocardiogram not done.

  • e Decision as positive or negative: +, positive; −, negative.