Definitions of Mechanisms for Suffocation or Possible Suffocation

SUID CategoryDefinition
Mechanisms for suffocationFactors in the sleep environment that caused or may have caused suffocation.
 OverlayShared sleep surface with other person overlaying or rolling on top of or against infant while sleeping and obstructing airway or compressing the neck or chest area and preventing respiration.
 Soft beddingSoft or loose bedding, pillows, or stuffed toys on sleep surface obstructing airway. Infant found face down or other position with airway obstruction.
 Wedging or entrapmentWedging and entrapment of an infant between 2 objects such as a mattress and wall, bed frame, or furniture causing airway obstruction or compressing chest and preventing respiration.
 OtherOther factors in the sleep environment causing an airway obstruction, for example, a situation in which an infant is sleeping in a car seat or stroller and the infant’s face or neck position results in an airway obstruction.