Duration of Protection and Reduction in Rates of Rotavirus-Coded Hospitalization Among Children Who Received at Least 1 Dose of RV5 Versus Unvaccinated Children, According to Agea

Age (mo)bRotavirus-Coded Diarrhea
Hospitalization Rate, n/10 000 PYRate Reduction (95% CI), %
Vax +Vax –
3–111887 (85–90)
12–2311987 (84–89)
24–3521186 (83–89)
48–591581 (75–86)
  • NA, not applicable; PY, person-year; Vax +, vaccinated; Vax –, unvaccinated.

  • a Children who were age-eligible for the RV5 vaccine as of February 3, 2006, when RV5 was first recommended (ie, age less than the first-dose upper limit of 14 wk and 6 d when RV5 was licensed on February 3, 2006) and who were continuously enrolled in their insurance plan for at least 3 mo). Vaccination status was determined by the presence or absence of a current procedural terminology code for receipt of at least 1 dose of RV5. Children who were either from states with universal vaccination programs or had received mixed vaccine schedules with both RV1 and RV5 doses were excluded.

  • b Age at hospitalization for a diarrhea-associated event.