Hospital Utilization and Admission Characteristics of Children During the 5 Years After Their Tracheotomy

Hospital utilization after tracheotomy
    No. of hospitalizations per child, mean ± SD3.8 ± 4.4
    Length of stay per hospitalization, mean ± SD, d8.5 ± 18.7
    Total No. of hospital days per child, mean ± SD32.3 ± 65.9
Hospital readmissions
    Children with ≥1 readmissions in 30 d, %45.1
    Admissions with a readmission in 30 d, %31.5
Admission characteristics of hospitalizations after tracheotomy, %
    Use of intensive care during the admission43.4
    Associated with tracheitis16.4
Reason for admission (MDC), %
    Ear, nose, mouth, throat, and craniofacial diseases13.8
    Nervous system7.9
  • a Includes 19 other categories.