Number and Percentage of the 436 Cases Occurring in 2011 and Reported to the SUID Case Registry by SUID Category, by All Cases, and by Those With Complete Case Information Only

SUID CategoryTotal CasesPercentage of Cases by Statea
All categories
Total n436100%bbbbb
 No death scene investigation or autopsy113031003
 Incomplete case information1012353327558
 No unsafe sleep factors4c<120203
 Unsafe sleep environment171395130402144
 Possible suffocation with unsafe sleep factors95222323131428
 Suffocation with unsafe sleep factors54121811101115
Incomplete informationd11226536375510
Categories with complete information only
 No unsafe sleep factors4c120303
 Unsafe sleep environment171535446634549
 Possible suffocation with unsafe sleep factors95292536203031
 Suffocation with unsafe sleep factors54171917152517
  • a States are represented by letters to maintain confidentiality. Percentages for states with fewer than 35 reported deaths are not calculated owing to small numbers and resulting unstable estimates.

  • b The 436 cases reported by state in 2011 include: CO (44), GA (111), MI (142), MN (39), NH (6), NJ (63), and NM (31).

  • c Three deaths occurred during a sleeping period and 1 did not.

  • d Incomplete information: no death scene investigation or autopsy plus incomplete case information.