Demographic and Clinical Characteristics of 917 Children Undergoing Tracheotomy in 2002

Demographic characteristic
    Age at tracheotomy, mean ± SD, y3.8 ± 5.5
        <1, %57.1
        1–12, %29.5
        13–18, %13.3
    Male, %59.3
    Race/ethnicity, %
        White, non-Hispanic44.8
    Insurance, %
        Private/health maintenance organization27.7
Clinical characteristic
    Chronic lung disease, %55.9
    NI, %47.6
    Upper airway anomaly, %46.7
    Prematurity, %17.0
    Trauma, %7.6
    Other, %a7.1
    Ventilation support
        Sometimes ventilatedb57.6
        Never ventilatedb25.2
        Always ventilatedb17.2
    Hospital discharge disposition, %
        Always home71.6
        Sometimes to a postacute care facility18.8
        Always to a postacute care facility9.6
  • a Aside from “other,” the conditions are not mutually exclusive. “Other” represents children who did not possess an ICD-9-CM code for chronic lung disease, prematurity, neurological impairment, upper airway anomaly, or trauma.

  • b Includes the use of MV, CPAP, or BiPAP during hospitalization.