Studies Comparing Spectrum With Nonspectrum Treatment of Children With Acute Respiratory Infection With M. Pneumoniae Grouped by Outcome Term a

Clinical Improvement at ≤5 d
StudyTime FrameOutcomeTreatment (n)Comparator (n)P b
Sáez-Llorens et al (1998)3 dOverall9955>.99
Matsubara et al (2009)<5 dFever4347522<.001
Kawai et al (2012)2 dFever88621<.001
StudyTime FrameDays of Fever c Days of Fever c
Lu et al (2008)N/AFever4.9 ± 1.895.63 ± 2.22.04
Clinical Improvement at >5 d
StudyTime FrameOutcomeTreatment (n)Comparator (n) P b
Gendrel et al (1997)2–18 dFever99232<.001
Harris et al (1998)15–19 dOverall212199>.99
Esposito et al (2005), study A d 1 mOverall494988114<.001
Esposito et al (2005), study B d 6 mRecurrent264561109.86
Bradley et al (2007)10–17 dClinical59661518.44
  • a Numbers often extrapolated by the review authors.

  • b Includes P values calculated by the review authors.

  • c Results are mean ± SD.

  • d Worst-case scenario with all 27 C. pneumoniae patients placed in the treatment improved group and then excluded.