Compensation Methods for CHPs in Florida

n (%)
Productivity or billing
    Not a factor215 (22.3)
    Minor factor175 (18.2)
    Major factor572 (59.5)
Measures of clinical care
    Not a factor562 (59.0)
    Minor factor262 (27.5)
    Major factor129 (13.5)
Patient surveys and experience
    Not a factor630 (65.8)
    Minor factor252 (26.3)
    Major factor75 (7.8)
Use of clinical information technology
    Not a factor675 (71.4)
    Minor factor217 (23.0)
    Major factor53 (5.6)
Quality bonus or incentive payments
    Not a factor697 (73.4)
    Minor factor198 (20.8)
    Major factor55 (5.8)
  • Respondents were asked to indicate to what extent each of the listed compensation methods was used in determining their own compensation or income.