Between-Group Comparisons With Each State Using a Mixed-Effects Model

Health StatesGroupsMean Pivotal Risk (SE)Comparison of GroupsP
1 (mild global disability)HCW86.1 (2.1)HCW vs MT.02
PP89.2 (1.6)PP vs HCW.24
MT79.3 (2.0)MT vs PP<.01
2 (severe global disability)HCW42.4 (3.6)HCW vs MT.19
PP58.8 (2.6)PP vs HCW<.01
MT48.9 (3.4)MT vs PP.02
3 (predominant physical disability)HCW86.1 (2.2)HCW vs MT<.01
PP87.8 (1.6)PP vs HCW.54
MT77.7 (2.1)MT vs PP<.01
4 (predominant cognitive disability)HCW74.1 (2.7)HCW vs MT.51
PP81.1 (2.0)PP vs HCW.04
MT71.6 (2.5)MT vs PP<.01
5 (moderate global disability)HCW61.1 (3.4)HCW vs MT.37
PP65.8 (2.4)PP vs HCW.25
MT56.9 (3.2)MT vs PP.02