The 5 Health States With Varying Physical, Mental, and Social Disabilities and Death

Health StatesPhysical AbilitiesMental AbilitiesSocial Skills
1 (mild global disability)Both arms slightly clumsyMild cognitive impairmentCan live independently
Weak legs, some difficulty walkingAttends mainstream school, but needs special supportCan perform simple tasks at work
Can read, write, and calculate at a rudimentary level
2 (severe global disability)Four limbs function poorlyIntelligence equivalent to 1-y-oldDaily activities of living entirely dependent on others
Unable to move around independentlyUnable to speak, read, or writeUrinary and fecal incontinence
Bed- or wheelchair-bound
3 (predominant physical disability)Both arms slightly clumsyNormal intelligenceCan perform daily activities of living with minimal help
Both lower limbs stiff and weakCan attend mainstream schools
Wheelchair bound
4 (predominant cognitive disability)Four limbs function normallyIntelligence equivalent to 5-y-oldNeeds continuous supervision
Attends special schoolCan achieve urinary and fecal continence
Can speak, read, and write at a rudimentary levelCan dress and eat independently
5 (moderate global disability)Both arms nonfunctionalAttends special schoolUnable to live independently
Lower limbs stiff leading to difficulty walkingCan speak, but cannot read or writeNeeds constant supervision
Can move around with crutchesCan achieve urinary and fecal continence
Can eat independently, but needs help dressing
DeathNot applicable