Cost per QALY Saved

Cost-effectiveness RatiosVaccination With the Specified Vaccine Compared With No Vaccination, 2006 US Dollars
PCV7 VaccinePneumo-NTH Combination VaccinePneumo-NTH–Moraxella Combination Vaccine
Compared with no vaccinationa35 00013 00016 000
Incremental (compared with next most effective vaccination strategy)bDominatedc13 000c48 000
  • a Cost-effectiveness ratios were calculated using net costs of vaccination program that include medical costs and parent time costs associated with outpatient visits only. Time costs for transportation and other work loss associated with an otitis media episode are included in the calculation of QALY loss.

  • b The incremental cost-effectiveness ratio is the additional net cost per additional QALY saved when a vaccination strategy is compared with the next most effective strategy.

  • c Pneumo-NTH vaccination has both lower costs and greater benefits than PCV7 vaccination. Accordingly, PCV7 is defined as being dominated, and the incremental cost-effectiveness ratio for pneumo-NTH vaccination is the additional net cost/additional QALY saved compared with no vaccination.