Projected Costs and Savings Resulting From Vaccination With Existing and Hypothetical Otitis Media Vaccines for 4.2 Million Healthy US Infants

Cost CategoryCosts (Savings), Millions of 2006 US Dollarsa
No VaccinationVaccination With the Specified Vaccine, Compared With No Vaccination
PCV7 VaccinePneumo-NTH Combination VaccinePneumo-NTH–Moraxella Combination Vaccine
Otitis-associated disease costs
    Medical costs1754147574642
    Parent time for outpatient otitis visit77756230257
    Parent time for other work loss and transportation129883352394
    Total otitis-associated costs382828611551292
Costs of other pneumococcal diseasesb308220220220
Total disease costs413750513751512
Vaccination program costs
    Vaccine doses108916801900
    Vaccine administration189189189
    Adverse events889898
Total vaccination program costs136719672187
Net costs of vaccination program compared with no intervention, including all parent time costs861592675
Net costs of vaccination program compared with no intervention including only parent time costs associated with outpatient visits for otitis9549441269
  • a Because of rounding, values shown may not sum precisely.

  • b Pneumonia, meningitis, and bacteremia.