Average Daily Activity Levels for Children and Their Mothers

Registered time, min847.6 (66.4)848.2 (68.1)
Average activity intensity, cpm130.4 (45.8)a60.4 (30.2)
Sedentary time, min282.8 (94.3)426.5 (119.3)
Light physical activity, min496.1 (88.1)a402.8 (110.6)
Moderate-to-vigorous physical activity, min68.8 (41.0)a19.0 (21.5)
Percent of days activity guidelines metb10022
Percent of participants meeting physical activity guidelinesc10053
  • All values are mean (SD) unless stated.

  • a Significant difference by gender P < .05.

  • b Children’s guideline: 180 min of activity at any intensity; adult: 30 min MVPA.

  • c Meeting activity guidelines for at least 1 measurement day.