Sample Demographics

Wave 1Wave 2Wave 2 by Experimental Condition
Disease RisksAutism CorrectionNarrative DangerDisease ImagesControl
Sex, %
Race/ethnicity, %
Education, %
 Not a high school graduate1314131215621
 High school graduate27262524282725
 Some college29293128253328
 College graduate31313135313425
Household income, %
 Less than $30 00030302528342737
 $30 000–$59 99925242824212325
 $60 000–$99 99925252623272822
 $100 000+21202124172216
Age, %
 Younger than 30 y20202118202220
 30–40 y40393839393940
 41 y and older41414043413940
Region, %
Number of children in household, %
Refused, %<1
  • Sample statistics are computed by using weights calculated by Knowledge Networks41; weights are calculated separately for each wave so that the sample reflects the population of parents of children age 0 to 17 y from the Knowledge Networks panel. Due to rounding, some percentages may not add to 100%. The number of children in household was only asked in wave 1; the proportions listed for wave 2 reflect answers from wave 1 among those who completed both waves of the survey. Pearson’s χ2 is non-significant for differences across intervention groups after a Bonferroni correction for multiple comparisons.