Characteristics of the Healthy Passages Sample (n = 4297)

CharacteristicUnweighted nWeighted % or Mean (SD)
Child characteristics
 Age429711.1 (0.6)
 BMI percentile400472.2 (27.3)
 Chronic illness100922.7
 Gender (male)210551.1
  African American149729.1
 Sexual orientation: not 100% straight53311.9
Parent/household characteristics
  Some high school75523.1
  High school graduate85021.4
  Some college115924.6
  College graduate147428.9
 Income (household)
 Marital status (married/living with partner)275466.1
 Geographical setting
  Birmingham, AL135031.0
  Houston, TX146234.6
  Los Angeles, CA148534.4
School composition
 Mean BMI percentile429771.8 (7.1)
 Percentage African American429733.5 (34.7)
 Percentage Latino429738.4 (34.8)
 Percentage other race/ethnicity42975.1 (6.3)
  • N = 4297 for all variables except race/ethnicity (missing 1), married (missing 25), chronic illness (missing 15), BMI percentile (missing 293), and sexual orientation (missing 47). All characteristics are shown for fifth grade except sexual orientation (assessed in tenth grade only).