Unadjusted and Adjusted Association of Tobacco Exposure With Hospital Readmission

Unadjusted ModelAdjusted Modela
OR95% CIOR95% CI
Serum cotinineb1.651.06–2.571.591.02–2.48
Salivary cotinineb2.401.24–4.632.351.22–4.55
Tobacco exposure in the primary residencec0.970.58–1.600.890.54–1.47
Any reported tobacco exposure1.340.86––1.89
  • Each row represents a separate model. OR, odds ratio.

  • a Adjusted for race, caregiver education, history of use of at least 1 asthma controller medication, and the elapsed time between admission and sample collection.

  • b Dichotomized on the basis of values being either above or below the LOD.

  • c Dichotomized on the basis of yes or no answers to history of tobacco exposure.