Outcomes of Neonates Evaluated

CDC2002, n = 920CDC2010, n = 476P Value
Empirical antibiotics administered, n (n per 1000 LB≥36)527 (72)365 (52)<.001
NICU admission,a n (n per 1000 LB≥36)15 (2)8 (1).21
Length of stay, days, median (IQR)b
 Vaginal deliveries2.25 (1.7–3.6)2.28 (1.7–2.9).75
 Cesarean deliveries4.12 (3.4–5.5)4.27 (3.4–5.4).05
  • a In each case, an infant was evaluated for EOS, then admitted to newborn nursery for ongoing care; and later transferred to the NICU for admission for new onset of symptoms. The reasons for NICU admission were as follows: oxygen desaturation events (4), respiratory distress (4), hypoglycemia (3), hyperbilirubinemia (2), neonatal abstinence syndrome (2), positive blood culture (2), and 1 infant each for the following reasons: hypothermia, seizures, bradycardia, bilious emesis, bleeding, and need for isolation due to maternal illness.

  • b Length of stay includes all infants evaluated, including days of care in the newborn nursery and days of care in the NICU, if admitted.