Cognitive Activity Scale

0Complete cognitive restNo reading, homework, text messaging, video game playing, online activity, crossword puzzles, or similar activities. The most stimulating activities at this level would be watching television, watching movies, or listening to music.
1Minimal cognitive activityNo reading, homework, crossword puzzles, or similar activities. Less than 5 text messages per day, less than 20 min per day combined of online activity and video games.
2Moderate cognitive activityReading less than 10 pages per day, less than 20 text messages per day, and doing less than 1 h combined of homework, online activity, and video games per day.
3Significant cognitive activityReading less, doing less homework, working less online, text messaging less, and doing crossword or other activities than you would normally do, but more than listed in level 2.
4Full cognitive activityYou have not limited cognitive activity at all.
  • Patients were given the following instructions: “Cognitive activities are those activities which require you to think harder than usual. Homework, reading, playing video games, text messaging, doing crossword puzzles, playing trivia games and working online are all forms of cognitive activity. Below is a scale, from 0-4, of various levels of cognitive activity. Using the scale, please circle the average level of cognitive activity you have participated in since your last visit.”