Characteristics of CATCH Grantees at Time of Application, 2006–2012 (N = 401)

Grantee characteristics
 Employment status
  Employed full-time32280.3
  Not employed full-time7919.7
 Primary employment setting
  Solo or 2 physician practice287.0
  3–10 physician pediatric practice6616.5
  >10 pediatrician practice143.5
  Multispecialty group practice256.2
  Medical school or parent university7017.5
  Nonprofit community health center7719.2
  Nongovernment hospital or clinic5914.7
  Government clinic256.2
 Time in general pediatrics
  100% of time21958.1
  50%–99% of time7018.6
  <50% of time6818.0
  No time in general pediatrics205.3
Project characteristics
  Urban, inner city18746.6
  Urban, not inner city14235.4
 Project setting is academic9724.4
 Primary setting
  Community-based organization8621.6
  Multispecialty clinic133.3
  Preschool/day-care center/Head Start61.5
  Private practice205.0
  Public health department92.3
  • a Multiple responses permitted.