Sensitivity Analysis by Missing Data

OutcomeData SourceNo. of StudiesHypotonicaIsotonicbRR or WMD95% CIP
HyponatremiaACA72812732.241.52 to 3.31<.0001
ITT73273252.231.57 to 3.18<.00001
Severe hyponatremiaACA42672145.291.74 to 16.06.003
ITT42892415.361.77 to 16.30.003
HypernatremiaACA31641530.730.22 to 2.48.62
ITT31991920.760.23 to 2.59.67
pNa after IV fluidACA6168167−2.09−2.91 to –1.28<.0001
Imputation11c196197−1.54−2.34 to –0.74.0002
pNa changeACA6115107−3.49−5.63 to –1.35.001
Imputation11c140133−2.24−3.88 to –0.57.008
  • ACA, available case analysis; ITT, intention to treat; WMD, weighted mean difference.

  • a Number of children receiving hypotonic IV solutions.

  • b Number of children receiving isotonic IV solutions.

  • c Imputed missing data were analyzed as separate studies.