Relationships Between Drinking Patterns and Mean Differences in IQ

Unadjusted (95% CI)PAdjusted (95% CI)aP
Performance IQ−3.05 (−0.80 to −5.30).008−1.92 (0.38 to −4.22).101
Verbal IQ−2.57 (−0.50 to −4.64).015−1.54 (0.57 to −3.64).153
Total IQ−3.18 (−1.02 to −5.35).004−1.96 (0.22 to −4.14).077
  • a Adjusted for maternal age, parity, highest level of maternal education, daily frequency of smoking during the second trimester, use of cannabis and/or other illicit drugs in pregnancy, home ownership, whether currently married, high scores (>12) on the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, and child gestational age, birth weight, gender, and ethnicity.