Characteristics of Services Provided by Responding Hospitals

Service Characteristicsn%
Has a PPC service
Consultation service
Consultation scope
 Entire hospital8676.8
 Only from certain units1311.6
Age-specific palliative care service
Dedicated palliative care beds or suite1311.6
Who can initiate consultation
 Social workers4842.9
 Patients or families5044.6
 Relationship with 1 or more hospices8180.2
 Hospital or health system has own hospice1312.9
 Palliative care and hospice function together76.9
Outpatient services
 Home visits3329.5
 Outpatient clinic2118.8
 Patients seen in 1 or more clinics6759.8
 Outpatient phone support6860.7
 Home-based palliative care1210.7
 No outpatient services2421.4
Bereavement services
 Memorial services8777.7
 Routine follow-up8475.0
 Support groups4742.0
 Individual counseling3531.3
 No bereavement service43.6
Has sought or is seeking Joint Commission certification3531.3