Age at Introduction of Complementary Foods Given for All Infants (N = 123) and for Each Study Group

VariableAll Infants (N = 123)Food Allergy (n = 41)Control (n = 82)Pa
Median age at introduction of solids, wk
 Any solid/semi-solid food201820.044
  Interquartile range17.0–22.016.0–21.017.0–23.0
 Duration of concurrent breastfeeding and any solid food000.303
  Interquartile range0.0–9.00.0–8.50.0–9.75
 Duration of concurrent breastfeeding and cow’s milk in any form8.
  Interquartile range2.0–20.00.0–15.53.5–21.5
 Cow’s milk as an ingredient25.
  Interquartile range21–28.517.5–26.521.0–29.0
 Cow’s milk in any form435.283
  Interquartile range1.0–14.01.0–11.51.0–14.3
 Hen’s egg protein353935.087
  Interquartile range29.5–40.030.0–39.029.0–39.0
  Interquartile range25.0–29.024.0–30.025.0–29.0
  Interquartile range26.0–34.026.0–35.026.0–34.0
No. (%) of infants who had eaten peanuts before age 52 wk 11(8.9)5 (12.2)6 (7.3).055b
No. (%) of infants who had eaten tree nuts before age 52 wk9 (7.3)3 (7.3)6 (7.3).309b
No. (%) of infants who had eaten sesame before age 52 wk13 (10.6)5 (12.2)8 (9.8).051b
  • a Mann-Whitney U test comparing infants with food allergy and control infants.

  • b χ2 test.