Numbers of Cases and National Estimates of Adverse Events From CCMs Among Children Aged <12 Years Treated in EDs According to Case Characteristics: United States, January 1, 2004 Through December 31, 2011

Case CharacteristicsCases, nNational Estimate of ED Visits
n%95% CI
Patient age, y
 <229514 51623.719.3–28.2
 2–364530 74750.345.7–54.8
Patient gender
 Female59729 61348.443.9–52.9
 Male67331 55551.647.1–56.1
Medication marketing category
 OTC100846 87576.672.1–81.2
ED treatment and disposition
 Gastric decontamination224992916.212.0–20.5
 Treated and released or left against medical advice104854 87289.784.5–95.0
Adverse event manifestation
 No symptoms documented74236 97360.454.3–66.5
 Allergic reaction23613 01121.316.2–26.4
Total127061 168100
  • Case counts and estimates from National Electronic Injury Surveillance System–Cooperative Adverse Drug Event Surveillance, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CCMs include orally administered prescription or OTC products containing decongestants, antitussive agents, and/or expectorants alone or in combination with each other and/or with analgesics or antihistamines.