Adverse Childhood Experiences Are Associated With Numerous Measures of Poor Health

I. Social Functioning
 a. High perceived stress
 b. Relationship problems
 c. Married to an alcoholic
 d. Difficulty with job
II. Mental Health
 a. Anxiety
 b. Depression
 c. Poor anger control
 d. Panic reactions
 e. Sleep disturbances
 f. Memory disturbances
 g. Hallucinations
III. Sexual Health
 a. Age of first intercourse
 b. Unintended pregnancy
 c. Teen pregnancy
 d. Teen paternity
 e. Fetal death
 f. Sexual dissatisfaction
IV. Risk Factors for Common Diseases
 a. Obesity
 b. Promiscuity
 c. Alcoholism
 d. Smoking
 e. Illicit drugs
 f. IV drugs
 g. High perceived risk of HIV
 h. Multiple somatic symptoms
V. Prevalent Diseases
 a. Ischemic heart disease
 b. Chronic lung disease
 c. Liver disease
 d. Cancer
 e. Skeletal fractures
 f. Sexually transmitted infections
  • All of these adolescent and adult outcomes are associated with ACE scores in a dose-dependent and statistically significant manner. The higher the ACE score, the higher the risk for these measures of poor health. Adapted from and reference 4.