Baseline Characteristics of Sample as a Function of Treatment Condition

CBT, Mean (SD) or %IMC, Mean (SD) or %P (t, χ2, or Fisher’s exact)
Age11.94 (2.61)11.87 (2.93).888
Gender (% female)
Nationality (% Dutch)90.478.8.103
No. of mo since onset of complaints34.79 (36.77)33.23 (38.31).833
No. of wk of AP in past year42.61 (14.14)42.71 (14.97).971
Average number of schooldays missed per wk0.96 (1.38)0.70 (1.06).285
Rome III diagnosis.180
 FAP/FAP syndrome65.459.6
 Irritable bowel syndrome21.234.6
Functional complaints among family members
 FGID in mother/father24.538.0.147
 FGID in other family member18.418.0.962
 Other functional complaint in family12.216.0.592
Psychiatric comorbidity
 Anxiety disorder19.238.5.030
 Depressive disorder or dysthymia5.71.9.618
  • FGID, functional gastrointestinal disorder.