ASD Risk Associated With Weight Gaina During Pregnancy and Prepregnancy BMIb in the Population-Based ADDM Network and Research-Based Utah Genetics Study cohorts

ConditionCases vs ControlsCases Without ID vs Controls
Cases, nControls, naOR95% CIPCases, nControls, nAOR95% CIP
ADDM Network cohortc
 Maternal wt gain during pregnancy11097531.101.03 to 1.17<.018397531.121.05 to 1.21<.01
 BMI at start of pregnancy11097531.00.97 to 1.05.848397531.000.96 to 1.05.76
Utah Genetics Study cohortd
 Maternal wt gain during pregnancy2684501.171.01 to 1.35.032093551.201.01 to 1.42.05
 BMI at start of pregnancy2714560.930.84 to 1.0.182113610.930.84 to 1.03.15
  • a Weight gain effect measures risk of autism based on a 5-lb increase.

  • b BMI effect measures risk of autism based on cohort 1 kg/m2 increase.

  • c Binary logistic regression.

  • d Conditional logistic regression; controls are unaffected siblings.