Sample Approach for Determining a Students’ Readiness to Return to Learning Following a Concussion17

If a student/athlete experiences symptoms enough to affect his or her ability to concentrate or tolerate stimulation for even up to 30 minutes, the student should likely remain at home. The student may consider light mental activities, such as watching TV, light reading, and interaction with the family, until they provoke symptoms. Computer use, texting, and video games should remain at a minimum.
When the student/athlete is able to tolerate symptoms comfortably for up to 30 to 45 minutes, the parent may consider returning him or her back to learning, either through home tutoring or in-school instruction with programming adjustment as needed. However, it is the parent who should communicate with the school about the concussion and sign a release of information for school personnel to coordinate adjustments that may be needed as recommended by the primary care provider. The level of adjustments are decided collectively by the parent, school, and primary care provider based on severity, type, and duration of symptoms present.