Risk Factors Potentially Impacting Infant Mental Health

Family and Associated Environmental FactorsChild Factors
Low socioeconomic status/povertyPremature birth
Low maternal educationLow birth weight
History of domestic violence“Difficult” temperament and/or poor “goodness of fit” with primary caregivers
Maternal/paternal depressionExposure to “toxic stressors” (alcohol, illicit drugs, traumatic events, environmental exposures, such as lead, etc)
History of parental criminalityCognitive dysfunction
Parental health problemsGenetic conditions with associated behavioral disorders
Parental mental health disorders
Family history of mental health disorders
  • Modified from Brauner CB, Stephens BC. Estimating the prevalence of early childhood serious emotional/behavioral disorders: challenges and recommendations. Public Health Rep. 2006;121(3):303–310.70