Cultural Barriers to Medical Home Screening and Referral for EI Services

 Limited proficiency in English (parent and/or child); differences in speech or dialect
 Limited reading skills
 Acculturation level and knowledge of/comfort with agencies
 Attitudes toward child development and disabilities
 Conflicts: work, child care, transportation, or financial
 Extended family expectations different from parents/professionals
Medical homes
 Sensitivity to cultural diversity within medical home staff
 Sensitivity to religious preferences and differing family traditions
 Paternalistic approaches to parents of infants from different cultures
 Use of medical jargon
EI programs
 Lack of language-appropriate information materials
 Shortage of available bilingual personnel
 Inflexible scheduling practices
 Sensitivity to cultural diversity among families served
  • Modified from Zhang C, Bennett T. Facilitating the meaningful participation of culturally and linguistically diverse families in the IFSP and IEP process. Focus Autism Other Dev Disabil. 2003;18(1):51–59.115