Elements in the Coaching Process

ElementExamples for Application
Joint planningAgreement by coach and parent on actions assumed by coach and subsequent opportunities for the parent to practice between coaching visits.
ObservationsConsider the family’s actions/practices/routines to better develop new skill sets, strategies, and ideas for use in the natural learning environment.
ActionSpontaneous or scheduled events, occurring in real-life situations, that allow the family member to practice, refine, or analyze new skills.
ReflectionsThe coach revisits the existing strategies to ensure they are in keeping with evidence-based practices and consider if/when modifications are needed.
FeedbackAfter the family member is allowed to reflect on strategies employed, actions being applied, and opportunities to practice new skills in the natural learning environment, the coach provides information affirming the parent’s understanding or adds information to deepen the parent’s understanding.
  • Modified from Rush DD, Shelden ML. Evidence-Based Definition of Coaching Practices. Morganton, NC: Center for the Advanced Study of Excellence in Early Childhood; 2005.114