National Performance of US EDs in Quality Indicators

VariableNo. of Visits in ThousandsProportion of Total (95% Confidence Interval), %
Asthma visits (112 records reviewed)405
    Steroid use in ED28069 (57–82)
    Antibiotic use in ED or prescription11829 (14–44)
    Radiograph in ED19548 (35–61)
Asthma visits resulting in discharge (96 records reviewed)339
    Steroid prescription issued15946 (34–60)
    Steroid treatment and prescription13640 (26–54)
Bronchiolitis visits (67 records reviewed)228
    Antibiotic use in ED or prescription12053 (39–66)
    Radiograph in ED16372 (59–85)
Bronchiolitis visits excluding otitis media (50 records reviewed)166
    Antibiotic use in ED or prescription6237 (21–54)
Croup visits (89 records reviewed)317
    Steroid use in ED9731 (18–41)
    Radiograph in ED10132 (20–44)
  • The numbers of records in the database reviewed by the field representatives are indicated.