Urine Tests Performed for Antibiotic-Treated Pediatric UTI Episodesa

Urine Test PerformedUTI Episodes, n (%)Urine Test Use, %
All YearsStudy Period 1bStudy Period 2bPc
All UTI episodes40 603
 Culture performed576054<.0001
 Urinalysis performed767775<.0001
 Culture or urinalysis performed818279<.0001
UTI episodes for age <2 y5890 (14)
 Culture performed575852<.0001
 Urinalysis performed616258<.01
 Culture or urinalysis performed686965<.001
UTI episodes for age 2–5 y11 677 (29)
 Culture performed616556<.0001
 Urinalysis performed767873<.0001
 Culture or urinalysis performed818378<.0001
UTI episodes for age 6–12 y13 867 (34)
 Culture performed606257<.0001
 Urinalysis performed808278<.0001
 Culture or urinalysis performed858782<.0001
UTI episodes for age 13–17 y9169 (23)
 Culture performed505148.03
 Urinalysis performed808178<.001
 Culture or urinalysis performed848582<.0001
  • a A UTI episode includes the 14-day period after initial visit date of the UTI. One patient may have multiple UTI episodes, and therefore the total number of UTI episodes (40 603) is greater than the total number of patients (28 678) in the study.

  • b Study period 1 includes 2002 through 2004. Study period 2 includes 2005 to 2007.

  • c The P value is the difference in proportion of urine test use between study period 1 and study period 2 using the χ2 test.