Characteristics of PCPs and Their Practices (n = 267)

Personal Characteristics
Years since medical school graduationa
 >20 y14353.6%
 ≤20 y12446.4%
Race or ethnicityb
 White only5522.5%
 Black only41.6%
 Asian/Pacific Islander3012.3%
 Declined to disclose13856.6%
Spanish fluencyc
 None, poor, or fair18369.6%
 Good or excellent8030.4%
Practice Characteristics
Practice sizec
 Solo or small group (1–3 providers)7528.9%
 Medium group (4–9 providers)11443.8%
 Large group (≥10 providers)7127.3%
Practice regiona,d
 Bay Area7829.2%
 Central/Southern Farm238.6%
 Central Valley269.7%
 Los Angeles5821.7%
 North and Mountain31.1%
 Southern California without Los Angeles7929.6%
Any Latino provider in practicec
Percentage Latino patients in practicec
  • a Data obtained from the American Medical Association Masterfile.

  • b Data obtained from the California Medical Board.

  • c Data obtained from survey.

  • d Based on California Department of Social Services/Data Analysis and Publications Branch regional grouping.