Pediatricians’ Reports of Caring for LEP Patients and Reported Method of Communication With LEP Patients, 2004 and 2010

Characteristic2004 (n = 836)2010 (n = 763)P
Pediatricians with LEP patient contact, %83.589.5<.01
Communication method,a %2004 (n = 698)b2010 (n = 683)b
 Any formal interpreter49.755.8.02
 Professional interpreter40.143.2.25
 Telephone interpreter28.237.8<.01
 Bilingual physician (self/other)52.444.5<.01
 Bilingual staff58.349.2<.01
 Bilingual family member69.657.1<.01
 Written materials in primary language35.234.6.79
  • a Respondents could report use of multiple communication methods.

  • b Sample restricted to pediatricians with LEP patient contact.