POxS Results, Echocardiogram Findings, and Other Relevant Diagnoses for Infants Whose Diagnostic Clinical Evaluation Was Attributable to Failed POxS

Case NumberLocationLast Screen Result, %Main Echocardiogram FindingsOther Relevant Diagnoses
3aWBN9784Aortic coarctation, aortic arch hypoplasia, BAVbNone
4cWBN8890Echocardiogram not doneClinical sepsis (culture negative)
5cWBN5070Echocardiogram not donePneumonia
6cWBN9191VSD (left to right shunting), PFONone
7cWBN93100PFO (left to right shunting) versus ASDNone
8cWBN8780PFO (direction of flow not stated)None
9cWBN94100PPS, PFO (bidirectional shunting), mild pulmonary hypertensionNone
10cWBN9693Small PFO with bidirectional flowNone
11cWBN9191PDA, PFO (direction of flow not stated)TTN
12cWBN9090multiple VSDs, ASD, and PPSbNone
13cWBN9496Small PFO (right to left shunting)None
14cWBN8798Small PFO (left to right shunting)bNone
15cWBN95100Echocardiogram not donePoor suck-swallow coordination
16WBN9396No reported cardiac abnormalitiesNone
17WBN9499No reported cardiac abnormalitiesNone
18WBN9599No reported cardiac abnormalitiesNone
19WBN9498No reported cardiac abnormalitiesNone
20WBN8892No reported cardiac abnormalitiesNone
21WBN96100Echocardiogram not doneNone
22WBN10096Echocardiogram not doneNone
23cNICU/SCN9791PFO, PDA (left to right shunting), mild pulmonary hypertensionbHistory of meconium aspirationd
24cNICU/SCN9296VSD (left to right shunting), PFO (left to right shunting),None
25cNICU/SCN8897No reported cardiac abnormalitiesHistory of meconium aspirationd
26cNICU/SCN9198No reported cardiac abnormalitiesHistory of mild respiratory distressd
27cNICU/SCN9494Echocardiogram not doneHistory of RDSd
28NICU/SCN9497Echocardiogram not doneNone
29NICU/SCN9497Echocardiogram not doneNone
30NICU/SCN9794Echocardiogram not doneNone
  • Data represent New Jersey resident live births screened from August 31, 2011, to May 31, 2012. ASD, atrial septal defect; BAV, bicuspid aortic valve; d-TGA, dextro transposition of great arteries; PDA, patent ductus arteriosus; PFO, patent foramen ovale; PPS, peripheral pulmonary stenosis; TA, tricuspid atresia; TTN, transient tachypnea of newborn; RDS, respiratory distress syndrome; VSD, ventricular septal defect.

  • a Infants with CCHD.

  • b Transferred out of birthing facility.

  • c Infants with other relevant diagnoses or non-CCHD echocardiogram findings.

  • d Infant appeared to have clinical resolution of this condition at time of screen.