Approved Influenza Vaccinations for Different Age Groups: United States, 2008–2009 Influenza Season

VaccineTrade NameManufacturerDose, mLPresentationThimerosal Mercury Content, μg of Hg/0.5-mL doseAge Group
    TIVFluzoneSanofi Pasteur (Swiftwater, PA)0.25Prefilled syringe0.006–35 mo
0.50Prefilled syringe0.00≥36 mo
0.50Vial0.00≥36 mo
5.00Multidose vial25.00≥6 mo
    TIVFluvirinNovartis (formerly Chiron) (Emeryville, CA)0.50Prefilled syringe<1.00≥4 y
5.00Multidose vial25.00≥4 y
    TIVFluarixGlaxoSmithKline (King of Prussia, PA)0.50Prefilled syringe<1.00≥18 y
    TIVFluLuvalGlaxoSmithKline5.00Multidose vial25.00≥18 y
    TIVAfluriaCSL Biotherapies (King of Prussia, PA)0.50Prefilled syringe0.00≥18 y
5.00Multidose vial containing 10 doses24.50
    LAIVFluMistMedImmune (Gaithersburg, MD)0.20Sprayer0.002–49 y
  • Source: American Academy of Pediatrics, Committee on Infectious Diseases. Prevention of influenza: recommendations for influenza immunization of children, 2007–2008. Pediatrics. 2008;121(4). Available at: