Relationship Between Cerebral Palsy and Neonatal Infection (Uninfected Versus Infected)

StatusNo. of InfantsOR, 95% CIPOR,a 95% CIP
Uninfected6 73/11261<.011.03
EOS alone (without associated LOS)1311/862.05, 1.04–4.051.70, 0.84–3.45
LOS alone (without associated EOS)1264/5122.15, 1.50–3.071.71, 1.14–2.56
Associated EOS and LOS209/453.63, 1.68–7.862.33, 1.02–5.33
  • a Adjusted for antenatal corticosteroid therapy, preterm rupture of membranes, spontaneous preterm labor, sex, gestational age, small for gestational age.