Univariate Associations From Logistic Regression Between Predictor Variables During Infancy and Overweight Status at 3 Years

Potential Risk FactorsLikelihood P
Maternal marital status<.05
Number of own children.67
Maternal education.54
Maternal employment<.05
Employment in pregnancy.06
Household income<.05
Financial status.57
Child care arrangements<.05
Child’s gendera.08
Birth weighta<.05
Rapid weight gaina<.05
Type of delivery.14
Maternal age.87
Maternal prepregnancy BMIa<.05
Paternal BMIa<.05
Maternal smoking in pregnancya<.05
Maternal alcohol consumption<.05
Maternal feelings of depression.37
Maternal health.24
Maternal diabetes<.05
Ever breastfeda<.05
Breastfeeding duration<.05
Ever formula fed<.05
Introduction of solid food.11
Unhappy feeding interrupted.43
Makes a fuss going to sleep.86
Makes a fuss after waking.35
Upset when not getting things.97
Infant can sit up<.05
Infant can stand holding on.40
Infant can grab objects.30
Infant can hold objects.94
Infant can walk.85