Mapping the CEASE Implementation Steps to the 5 As

Implementation StepThe As
Step 1. Identification and self-assessmentAsk and Assess
    Identify smokers with the CEASE annual card during the office visit and document smoking status. Ask those who smoke to fill out the CEASE action sheet: self-assessment screener at each visit. Document no smoking policy in the home and car.
Step 2. CounselingAdvise and Assist
    Talk with smokers about tobacco use and establishing a strict no smoking policy in the home and car. For those who are not ready to quit, give a “Think About It” halflet.
Step 3. ReferralAssist
    Complete the CEASE action sheet: quit line enrollment with smokers who are ready to quit. Give those who enroll a “Welcome” halflet.
Step 4. MedicationAssist
    Prescribe or recommend pharmacotherapy, if appropriate, for relief of withdrawal symptoms and to aid cessation.
Step 5. Follow upArrange
    File the CEASE action sheet and review before each visit. Talk with those who smoke about smoking at each visit until the family is smoke-free.