Common Reactions to Deployment45

 ConfusionClinging, demands for attention
 AngerProblems separating from the remaining parent
 GuiltIrritability and aggression
Regression (thumb sucking, bedwetting)
Sleep disturbances
Feeding issues (more picky)
Easy frustration and more difficult to comfort
 Same feelings as preschool plus:New behavior problems or in intensification of already existing problems
 Increased sadness (lack of family normalcy and loss of deployed parent)Regression
 Worry about deployed parentRapid mood swings
 Fear that remaining parent might leave or dieChanges in eating and sleeping
 Anger at parent for missing important eventsAnger at both parents for disrupting normalcy
Changes in behavior at school and with friends (anger, aggression)
Need to be and do “normal” things (eg, parties)
Somatic complaints
 AngerMisdirected or acting-out behavior toward others or themselves
 SadnessSchool problems
 DepressionApathy, loss of interest, noncommunication, and denial of feelings
 AnxietyIncreased importance of friends to the detriment of reasonable family life
 FearTrying to take charge of the family