Recommendations When Considering Planned Home Birth

Candidate for home deliverya
 • Absence of preexisting maternal disease
 • Absence of significant disease occurring during the pregnancy
 • A singleton fetus estimated to be appropriate for gestational age
 • A cephalic presentation
 • A gestation of 37 to <41 completed weeks of pregnancy
 • Labor that is spontaneous or induced as an outpatient
 • A mother who has not been referred from another hospital
Systems needed to support planned home birth
 • The availability of a certified nurse-midwife, certified midwife, or physician practicing within an integrated and regulated health system
 • Attendance by at least 1 appropriately trained individual (see text) whose primary responsibility is the care of the newborn infant
 • Ready access to consultation
 • Assurance of safe and timely transport to a nearby hospital with a preexisting arrangement for such transfers
  • Data are from refs 6, 7, 10, 11, and 13.

  • a ACOG considers previous cesarean delivery to be an absolute contraindication to planned home birth.7