Changes in Purchased Beverage Amounts After Implementation of the Revised WIC Food Packages

Pre Post Differences in Purchased Volume
exp(b)95% CI
All WIC households (N = 2137)
 100% Juice
  Total purchases0.765***0.746–0.786
  Purchases with WIC benefits0.565***0.549–0.581
  Purchases with non-WIC funds1.136***1.084–1.190
 Other beverages
  Fruit drinks1.209***1.149–1.273
  Soft drinks0.879***0.850–0.909
  Bottled water0.864***0.813–0.918
  New age beverages1.213***1.121–1.312
WIC households using SNAP benefits (n = 1584)
 100% Juice
  Total purchases0.778***0.751–0.806
  Purchases with WIC benefits0.564***0.541–0.588
  Purchases with SNAP benefits1.143***1.061–1.232
  Purchases with personal funds1.0380.944–1.142
 Other beverages
  Fruit drinks1.208***1.129–1.293
  Soft drinks0.891***0.850–0.933
  Bottled water0.859***0.790–0.934
  New age beverages1.121*1.018–1.236
  • Presented are exponentiated coefficients [exp(b)] and 95% CIs for the binary variable indicating the time periods before (January–September 2009) and after (January–September 2010) the WIC food package revisions from separate generalized estimating equation regression models for longitudinal data with a logarithmic link function (Poisson family); all models included control variables as shown in Equation 1. New age beverages include energy drinks, sports drinks, flavored water, and ready-to-drink tea and coffee. Fruit drinks and other refreshment beverages cannot be purchased with WIC benefits; SNAP households refer to households using SNAP benefits on the month of analysis; *P < .05; **P < .01; ***P < .001.