Yield of Screening in a Hypothetical Cohort of 10 000 Newborns for Moderate-to-Profound PCHL

Relevant FactorsProportions or RatesHypothetical Model
UNHSHigh-Risk Screeninga
    Proportion high risk150.0800
        High-risk group0.0080
        Average risk group0.0008
    Miss rate for UNHS (proportion not screened in hospital; estimate)
        In high risk0.0500
        In average risk0.0500
        Follow-up rate for misses0.9000
    Miss rate for high-risk screening660.2300
        Follow-up rate for misses0.0000
    Sensitivity of 2-stage screening150.9200
    Specificity of 2-stage screening150.9900
    Compliance with follow-up (estimate)0.9000
    Accuracy of diagnostic ABR1
    Proportion of average-risk diagnosed by 3 mo without screening (estimate)0.1000
    Target group for screening10 000800
    No. of infants screened9500616
        High risk760616
        Average risk87400
    High-risk cases in screened group65
    Average-risk cases in screened group70
    Cases diagnosed by 3 mo11 to 124 to 5
    High-risk cases missed by screening<11 to 2
    Average-risk cases missed by screening<17
    Total No. of cases1313
    False-positive screening test results866
    Normal infants incorrectly diagnosed to have PCHL at first posthospital audiologic examination<1<1
    NNS to diagnose 1 case878178
    NNS to diagnose 1 additional case by 3 mo1333NA
  • NA indicates not applicable.

  • a High risk was defined by risk factors (family history of hearing impairment, perinatal infection, low birth weight, anatomical deformity, birth asphyxia, chromosomal abnormality, and exchange transfusion).