Descriptive Studies of UNHS Follow-up

SourceProgram DescriptionAge ScreenedNo. of CasesProportion High RiskAge ReferredAge at First Follow-upAge DiagnosedAge Enrolled in ProgramsAge of Hearing Aid Fitting
Uus and Bamford,17 2006, United Kingdom169 487 infants at 23 sites in the first phase of a national UNHS program in 2001–2003. Well newborns had OAE, then ABR if needed; NICU newborns had both tests. Referred ≥40 dB hearing levelBefore hospital discharge16954% with risk factorsaAt screeningWell infants: median age 4 wk; NICU: 9 wkWell infants: median age 10 wk; NICU: 13 wkMedian age 10 wk for education servicesWell infants: median age 14 wk; NICU: 24 wk
Joseph et al,46 2003, SingaporeUNHS of 4387 newborns in 1999–2001 at 1 hospital using OAE; positives were rescreened at ∼2 wk, and again at 6 wk if needed; referred if specific criteria not metMost within 24 h838% high riskThose who tested positive at 6 wk were referred for formal evaluationNR7 of 8 by 7 moInterventions in place by 9 mo for 4NR
Bailey et al,47 2002, AustraliaUNHS of 12 708 newborns in 5 hospitals in 2000–2001 using OAE and ABR if needed; referred at ≥35 dB hearing levelBefore hospital discharge95 NICU; 8 with risk factorsNRNRNRNR6 had hearing aids by 6 mo; 1 at 19 mo
Mehl and Thomson,9 2002, ColoradoColorado Newborn Hearing Screening Project screened 148 240 newborns in 1992–1999; ABR in 52 hospitals; OAE in 3 hospitals; 2-stage screening in 2 hospitals; referred at >35-dB hearing level in 1 or both earsBefore hospital discharge291 (71% bilateral)47% with risk factorsMedian age: 2.1 moNRNRNRNR
Dalzell et al,18 2000, New YorkUNHS of 43 311 newborns in 8 hospitals in New York state in 1995–1996 with OAE and ABR if needed; referred >20-dB hearing levelBefore hospital discharge8561% NICU; 67% with risk factorsNRNRMedian: 3 mo of age: younger for well infants and for severe or profound impairmentMedian: 3 moMedian: age 7.5 mo
Wessex UNHS Trial Group,16 1998, United KingdomUNHS arm of the Wessex Trial including 25 609 newborns screened in 1993–1996 with OAE and ABR if needed; referred at ≥40-dB hearing levelWithin 48 h2341% special care units; 74% had risk factorsAll by 6 mo of ageNR67% by 10 mo63% by 10 moNR
  • a Risk factors include NICU for >48 hours, family history of hearing impairment, and craniofacial anomaly.