Barriers to CPSs

Physician-reported barriers
 Lack of patient interest46,47
 Lack of time46,47
 Insufficient compensation30,42,47
 Absence of clear practice guidelines47
 Intrusion into patient's privacy47
 Lack of training47
 Lack of self-efficacy48
 Older age of adolescent46
 Confidential services94
 Medically emancipated conditions94
Parent-and adolescent-reported barriers
 Lack of knowledge about preventive care49
 Low levels of perceived susceptibility, severity, response efficacy, and self-efficacy49
 Confidential and private care43,40,50
 Underutilization of care (including access to care)45,49
  • “Barrier” is defined as identified by >16% of physicians (range: 16%-74%).