Summary of Studies Assessing the Proportion of Adolescents With at Least One Preventive Health Care Visit During Past Year

Study (Year)MethodData SourceGrade/Age of AdolescentDefinition of Preventive Health Care VisitProportion of Adolescents With Preventive Health Care Visit During Previous Year
Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance Survey39 (1999)National in-school surveyAdolescent reportGrades 9–12“Check-up or physical exam…when not sick or injured”60% (girls), 57% (boys)
National Survey of America’s Families41 (1999)National random-digit-dial household surveyParent reportAged 11–17 y“Well child-care, such as check-ups”70% (ages 11–14 y), 66% (ages 15–17 y)
Commonwealth Fund Survey of the Health of Adolescent Girls38 (1997)National in-school surveyAdolescent reportGrades 5–12“Medical check-up or physical examination”85% (all), 86% (girls), 83% (boys), 89% (grades 5–9), 82% (grades 9–12)
National Longitudinal Survey of Adolescent Health40 (1994 and 1995)National in-school and in-home surveyAdolescent reportGrades 7–12 (aged 11–21 y)“Physical examination”68% (all)
National Committee for Quality Assurance, HEDIS42,93 (2002)Analysis from state-level summary HEDIS fileAdolescent well-care visits based on provider coding data in administrative databasesAged 12–21 yDiagnostic codes for well-care visits34% (all)