Selected CPSs Recommended for Adolescents

 HPV vaccine
 Hepatitis B vaccine (if series not completed)
 Measles-mumps-rubella (if series not completed)
 Varicella vaccine (if series not completed)
Health guidance for adolescents
 Normal development
 Sexual health
 Physical activity
 Injury prevention
 Dental health
 Skin protection
 Self-performed breast or testicular examination
Health guidance for parents
 Normal development
 Promoting healthy behavior
Screening and risk-reduction counseling
 Tobacco use
 Alcohol and substance use
 Eating disorders
 School problems
 Hearing and vision
Laboratory screening testsa
 Tuberculosis skin test
 Papanicolaou test
 Chlamydia test
 HIV test
 Cholesterol test
  • Source: Adapted from Elster AB. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 1998;152:193-198.

  • a Most laboratory screening tests are recommended for certain adolescents after a risk assessment.