US Guidelines for Adolescent Clinical Preventive Care

NameOrganizational SponsorTargeted Age,yRecommendation for Preventive Care VisitsWeb Site
Age charts for periodic health examinationsAmerican Academy of Family Physicians13-18Every 1-3 y, tailored to needs of individual, 1 comprehensive PE between 13 and 18
Bright FuturesMaternal and Child Health Bureau (Health Resources and Services Administration) and the AAP11-21Annual, with comprehensive
GAPSAmerican Medical Association11-21Annual, with comprehensive PE once during early, middle, and late
Recommendations for pediatric preventive health careAAP11-21Annual, with comprehensive PE
US Preventive Services Task ForceaAgency for Healthcare Research and Quality11-24Every 1-3 y, tailored to needs of individual, no recommendation for comprehensive
  • PE indicates physicalexamination.

  • a Includes evidence-based recommendations for adolescents as part of their guidelines for CPSs.